Sabine Loos – My name is Sabine Loos (pronounced suh-bean lōs), and I’m a current graduate student at Stanford University studying Sustainable Design and Construction, with a focus in structural engineering. I have always been interested in how the built environment interacts with the natural environment and studied civil engineering and environment, economics, development, and sustainability for my undergraduate degree. I have also worked on projects in all aspects of design and construction, both in the United States and in developing countries. So, obviously, I’m coming from the engineering side of looking at urban risk and resilience. My current research as part of the Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative involves regional building damage assessment using data from the Haiti 2010 earthquake.

When I have free time, I like to experiment in the kitchen (still perfecting my crème brulée recipe) and partake in various forms of manual labor (power tools are addictive). Since I’m pretty sure I won’t have a kitchen or tool shed at my disposal next weekend, I’m more than ready to unleash my creativity in other ways at the Artathon!