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Exploring the unknown unknowns: A critical perspective on disasters and climate risks

Authors: Perrine Hamel, Robert Soden, Karen Barns, David Lallemant, Sneha Krishnan, Dane Carlson, Martin Demaria Critical perspectives on technical work in the field of disaster risk management and climate adaptation are important: they can help discover “unknown unknowns”. This article presents some lessons learnt in a working group on Responsible Engineering, Science & Technology for […]

Call for Proposals – Critical Perspectives on Disaster Data

Summary Data and information and communication technologies (ICTs) are central to how we understand disaster risks and impacts. Technologies and approaches ranging from crowdsourcing to drones to artificial intelligence are reshaping societal relationships to disaster, changing what we can know about them and the kinds of responses we can imagine. We know that these changes […]

Rethinking flood risk management: The Chiang Mai Field Lab 2019 experiment

What happens if you put 100 people interested in flood risk management in a room for a full month? This is in essence the question we asked ourselves 18 months ago, when we started planning for the Field Lab. The answer is: a lot!   The Understanding Risk: Chiang Mai Field Lab, an interdisciplinary “unconference” organized […]

Rapid Assessment of Disaster-Induced Vulnerability in Nepal – Project Planning

Last month I spent a week in Nepal setting up an exciting project with collaborators at Kathmandu Living Labs. The project is funded through a “Collaborative Data Innovations for Sustainable Development” award by the World Bank and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. Our proposal focused on better understanding the ways in which disaster impact […]